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Hey there. I'm Antonio. Collected here are my hopes, dreams, interests, observations, and whatever other bullshit wanders around inside my head.

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Beautifully Intricate Cut Leaf Art by Omid Asadi
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In May of 2010 a $25 pizza was purchased with 10,000 Bitcoins.  Today, 10,000 Bitcoins is equal to $5,886,886 US Dollars.
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Finally got one of those letters from Lacuna Inc.!

I would like to print these out and start mailing them to loved ones… just for kicks.
Permalink did-you-kno: is a company that is hired to send a gallon of cow, elephant or gorilla poop to a person’s friend or enemy anonymously.

Beware, friends.
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Page from Abruption, by Taylor Dow
You can read abruption in its entirety here
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India ink on bristol, 9’x12’